About Us

Al-Kamal Group is a group of companies. We deal in Steel, Chemicals & Electrical Industrial Components.



Mitsubishi Electric is pioneering a new future for circuit breakers, working to realize market globalization by responding to international needs with products that offer enhanced ease of operation and high performance, are developed with consideration for the environment in mind, and that comply with JIS, IEC, EN, GB, and UL/CSA standards.


ENERLUX S.r.l is an Italian Company established in 1987. They started producing capacitors for lamps and motor starters then after some years they increased their product range with capacitors made of polypropylene till arriving to actual production including LV and MV capacitors, MV single and three-phase capacitors, complete capacitor banks on open rack or enclosed in a cabinet, with a lot of different configurations, LV and MV reactors.


In the late 1970’s, the LK Electric Company was established in Asia by its parent company, LKE (Europe) of Denmark. It was to manufacture Lk’s range of products, namely, the Domino, the Tabular of low tension switchboards, the ELC-24 medium voltage panel, and the Ring Main unit (RMU). Today, most of LKE’s manufacturing takes place in Malaysia, with key distribution and support centers in all of Asia, and most recently venturing into the North American market.


Wieland Electric GmbH, founded in 1910, has its head office in Bamberg. Wieland Electric is among the leading manufacturers of electrical connection technology in the world market. The company's product range comprises more than 20,000 different components for automation technology and building installation.


ANS, one of the leading companies of the sector, founded in 1980, manufactures devices and software with next generation production systems.